MicroSD reader

    CryptoSD is the new benchmark in the world of portable storage devices: it is the first device that performs hardware-based encryption on MicroSD devices.

    The device handles MicroSD memory allowing the storage of encrypted data to be completely independent from the operating system and file system used.

    No one can read your data: only you, entering your password and using CryptoSD will be able to decrypt the disks content.

MicroSD Memories

    The device is able to read and write on all kinds of MicroSD currently available on the market:

  • Standard Capacity MicroSD (up to 4 GBytes)
  • High Capacity MicroSD (up to 32 GBytes)
  • eXtended Capacity MicroSD (up to 2 TeraBytes)

    The performance go hand in hand with those of memory: the faster the MicroSD memory, the faster your data would be stored securely.

Logic Units

    You can configure the space of MicroSD to have up to four logical drives (disks).

    Each disk can be configured independently with different security policies.

    Each disk is mounted by the operating system only when the user enters the unlocking password.

High Security

    The data will be stored on disks that may have different security configurations:

  • not encrypted disk
  • encryption bound to the specific MicroSD (a cloned MicrosSD doesn’t work)
  • encryption depending by the specific MicroSD memory and CryptoSD reader used (you can’t use the MicroSD onto CryptoSD devices other than yours)
  • password independently for read-only access
  • password and configuration policy independent for every logic unit

    The encryption algorithm used is AES with 256-bits key in CBC mode run by the hardware.